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British Rally Championship

March 21, 2004: On Saturday, Julie and I took the train up to Coventry (midlands England) to attend a British Rally Championship event today on Sunday.  Julie and I were invited by Rob Gill, associate editor of The Sun, to come attend the event.  Upon arriving, we watched the cars tear around the old Army barracks that hosted the event.  All of my photos of the action were taken with my 35mm camera, so you will have to wait until I return to the states to develop and scan the film.  Julie and I did, however, get to play navigator for the day for Rob.  He took each of us for a spin around the barracks in his GC8 Group N Impreza rally car!  You could not have beaten the smile off my face.  Shown are the photos of Julie and I in our borrowed race suits before my run and after Julie's run.  Cheers!  Q.B.