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Jun. 27, 2004  
  My apologies to everyone for my dismal performance as webmaster.  Photos from the April 24 autocross in Clarksburg are available on the events page.  We had 3 members go down, as well as a couple local Morgantown Subaru owners.

Several members have sent photos and bios, which have been updated in the Members section.  If you need photos taken of your car, get in touch with me via the contacts page and I will bring my camera and take some shots of your car (assuming you are in Morgantown). 

The page will be moving to WVU webspace soon.  We will no longer have to deal with limited bandwidth.  Hopefully I will be able to get extra bandwidth for hosting videos from track days and autocrosses.  A message board will also be set up.  We are hoping to have it set up to where you can update your photos and modifications. 

If you would like to help with the anything, or have any questions, feel free to contact us.  Q.B. 

Apr. 9, 2004  
  Clarksburg Auto-x, April 24

The auto-x will be held at the Super Lowes in Clarksburg, WV on this day.  Contact Mikey Ursic if you want to follow him from Morgantown down to the event.  His e-mail and AIM names are on the "Contact" page.  Come out and have a good time!  Q.B.

Mar. 28, 2004  
  Last weekend at Riverside H.S., SubySpeed represented well.  Everyone performed well and showed just what we do in our Subys.

I am still looking to do a car show here in Morgantown as a fund raiser for our club. If anyone here would like to look into this more for me, email me please.

There are plenty of autocrosses coming up in April that SubySpeed will be attending in Clarksburg, Belle (Riverside High), and at Beaver Run in Beaver county, near Pittsburgh.

April 18- Riverside H.S. in belle WV, autocross
April 24- Super Lowes in clarksburg WV, autocross
April 25- Beaver Run in beaver county PA, autocross

I have also written to Beaver Run about rallycross dates, and I will get those to everyone as soon as I get a reply from them. M.U.

Mar. 27, 2004  
  Pictures from the Riverside H.S. Auto-x on March 21st, 2004 are now uploaded!  Click here... Q.B.
Mar. 21, 2004  
  Today I had the opportunity to attend a British Rally Championship event.  After meeting one of the Group N drivers, Rob Gill, in the Kings Cross train station, he invited my friend and I to come attend the rally.  Click here for more...

Today was also the auto cross at Riverside High school.  Information and photos to come as soon as Mikey gets them to me. Q.B.

Mar. 1, 2004  
  Riverside H.S. Auto-x, March 21

The first weekend back from spring break, before classes start, on the 21st is an autocross at Riverside HS down by Charleston. I'm going to plan this as a SubySpeed event.  Charleston is 2 and a half hrs. away.  I drove it in one day back a couple semesters ago for 1 auto-x, but it is a long straight drive, and I left here around 6:30 am for it. I am looking to see who would like to get in on this, if we get at least a few to come, 4-5 or more, I would be open to go down Saturday, get a cheap hotel/motel room for the night and then get up and race the next day....... So anyone who wants to do this send me a email back soon. M.U.

Feb. 27, 2004  
  WVU students that wish to have their car featured in the members gallery should contact me at   I will soon have a section up with photos of UK Subies that I have seen on my travels.

Ideas for fundraisers should also be brought up to Mikey or Aaron.  I will have the remaining officers' e-mail addresses up in due time.

Matt has informed me that he has some software for forums, so that will likely be up in the summer to make it easier to communicate with the group.  Cheers! Q.B.

Feb. 24, 2004  
  First meeting of SubySpeed as an official West Virginia University club.  See the Contact page for information.
Feb. 23, 2004  
  The page will slowly be updated as time allows.  I am in Hatfield, England studying abroad and the internet connection here is flaky, so it will take me a little time to get all the links working and pictures uploaded.  You will have to bare with me.  Cheers. Q.B.